Scholastic Aptitude Test

The SAT college exam has undergone dramatic changes on what is tested, how it is scored and how students can prepare.

The test will include three sections — evidence-based reading and writing, math and an optional essay.

The test will shift from its old score scale of 2400 to 1600, with a separate score for the essay. No longer will test takers be marked negatively for choosing incorrect answers.

The writing and reading sections will include questions that necessitate students to cite evidence for their answer choices. This will include reading passages from a wider range of subjects like science, history, social studies and literature.

Test takers will not be asked to complete sentences with difficult words they might have memorized from sources like flash cards. Instead, students will have to weigh the context of the words.

The math section will no longer allow calculators to be used on every portion. It will focus on data analysis and real world problem-solving, algebra and some more advanced math concepts — areas that most prepare students for college and advancement of career

Required Sections 3 required sections- Critical Reasoning, Writing, Maths 4 required sections-– Reading


-Maths(no calculator)

– Maths(with calculator)

Essay Length 25 minutes time limit 50 minutes time limit
Essay Scoring Scored as part of writing section – Receives 3 scores(Reading/ Analysis/Writing)
Total Exam Time Around 4 hours – 3 hours without essay-4 hours with essay
Scoring Highest possible score is 2400, which includes essay Highest possible score is 1600 with a separate score for essay
Calculator Calculator permitted throughout the Maths section Maths section includes some no-calculator segments.

The Brainstorm Advantage

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* Reading Comprehension Tips with emphasis on skillful usage of Skimming and Scanning Techniques for better performance
* Emphasis on Vocabulary Building
* Voluminous Assignments helpful in Analogies, Antonyms and Sentence Completion
* Special Assignments for Quantitative Section
* Special Writing Classes- Group Discussions Based on Writing
* Basic Grammar Classes helpful in Essay Writing, Sentence Corrections and Paragraph and Sentence Improvement
* Series of Mock Test to Evaluate Performance
* Special Time Bound Practice Tests and Quizzes
* Personalized Attention to Each Student
* Professional Assistance in Registration for Examination
* Diverse Study Material
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