Documents Faq?

What is Transcript?

Transcript is one of the academic official documents that is issued by the university and it contains the overall marks of each semester which is then consolidated.

Transcript of records is an official list of those courses that you have completed, in each semester, which includes information of the number of credits and the grades that you have achieved.

What does a Transcript consist of ?

a. Class: First or second class (explains what class means)
b. Medium of Instruction: English or Hindi or any other language
c. Total duration of Course: in weeks or months or years
d. When the student joined the course and when it ended
e. When the university was established, how many courses the university provides, where is the head quarters, its’ Phone numbers, email ID &     website.

The above mentioned information is essential and a requirement for the foreign universities, to enable them to have a complete idea of the applicant: ( the University, your branch, your marks and any other such details, which will be in one single sheet.

Such information is not provided in our Marks cards or the Degree certificate; hence the foreign universities don’t give importance or consider our application for admission into their universities.

What are the documents required to prepare a transcript?

To get the Transcript from the University, there will be a process and it varies from University to University.

For Ex: For VTU, Belgaum (Visveswaraya Technological Universities),the documents required will be Transcript application form, a letter, Xerox copies of Marks cards and DD;
Some other Universities may delete or add to this list above.

Can I apply with 1 to 5 semester transcript for MS degree?
No, The University insists on at least 1-6 semester transcripts to review the application.

Which semester mark sheets are required to review my application for MS Degree?

From 1 to 6th semester Mark sheets are required to review the application.

Is the back- log mark sheets required when I apply for the University.?

Yes, The number of backlogs and the year of passing in each back-log subject is required.

Will the university want the documents to be given with the seal+ Signature on the envelope?

Certain documents are confidential where the university officials will expect the documents to be in the sealed envelope with seal+ signature.

Can I give consolidated mark sheet instead of individual mark sheet, if I have many backlogs?

No. Individual mark sheets are required.

While pursuing, what kind of certificate should I get from my college?

Bonafide certificate is required while pursuing, this should be issued by the college principal.

Why should not I get the mark sheets and degree certificate signed from my college, if my college is affiliated to some other university?

The mark sheets and degree certificate are issued by the University; hence they are  authorized to attest on the copies of the originals.

My university doesn’t issue consolidated official transcript, can I still apply. If so, what are the supporting documents required which suffice consolidated official transcript.

Yes, you can apply and below are the mentioned documents required when applying.

a. Individual mark sheets attested by an authorized person
b. Letter from the university stating that they do not issue consolidated transcript

My university is closed, from whom I can get my documents signed?

You can get the documents signed from the university that is affiliated to your college.

What is the difference between official and unofficial transcript?

Official transcript is issued by the university on the university letterhead whereas unofficial transcript is issued by the college .

An official transcript should show the official seal/logo of the issuing institution and/or an authenticating stamp and signature.

Can I submit my transcript on 1 page, while uploading or couriering the packet?

No, the transcript will always come on more than 1 page as it will contain the description of CGPA or Percentage and Grading System and such others.

What is the official transcript and the evaluation of the transcript?

Official Transcript is an academic official document which is issued by the university and Evaluation of the transcript is prepared by the organization that provides credential evaluations for international students, which converts CGPA and Percentage to GPA on 4 scale (as per University Grading System)
(Few Evaluators: World Education Services, AACRAO, Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.)

Does my backlog count when I apply to the universities

Yes, it counts, as the individual mark sheets clearly indicates which semester you have passed out and the subject and with how many attempts.

Is it compulsory to submit Individual Mark sheets?

Yes, it is a required document, along with the consolidated transcript.

Can I get my documents signed from a public Notary?

No, A public Notary person is not authorized.

Is it compulsory for Germany embassy attestation-? if so, which documents are needed to be attested?

Few universities in Germany require all the documents to be attested by the Germany embassy which includes the academics documents and the Language Certificates.

I have the official consolidated transcript, which includes 1 to 6, but I haven’t received the 6th semester individual mark sheet yet-- Can I still apply?

You can only apply when the university  issues a transcript which includes the 6th Semester, then the mark sheets will also be available, this can be collected from the university.

What is the cost of each transcript at VTU?

1st transcript Rs.250/- and subsequent is Rs.150/-

What is the cost for 1 set of individual mark sheet at VTU?

Rs.175/- per set

How soon can I get my transcript, if I post it to VTU?

Within 15 working days ,you will receive your Transcript at your home address.

Difference between Provisional Degree certificate and Degree certificate.

PDC (PC) is a temporary degree certificate provided by the university until you receive the Degree certificate. PDC tells you that you are eligible to receive Convocation Degree certificate; In other words it tells you that you are sure to receive Convocation Degree certificate.

Degree certificate is issued during Convocation. Convocation is a formal ceremony at a college or university, as for the conferring of awards. Convocation ceremony is usually conducted in February, March, or April every year.

Who should sign the certificate?

University register is authorized to attest the copies of the original and if the college is autonomous or deemed university then the College principal or controller of examination is authorized to sign the certificate.

I already have the Degree certificate, should I still arrange for Provisional Degree certificate.

No, the PDC is required if the Degree certificate is at hand.

I am still pursing, what is the alternative docs to suffice the PDC.

Bonafide or Study certificate would be required from the college principal, to suffice for the PDC.

I have lost my official degree certificate can I apply with my PDC.

No, you should apply for a Duplicate degree certificate at the university and then send the  attested copies for processing.

Can I get the mark sheets and the degree certificate signed together and sent in a single envelope?

Yes, you can send both in one envelope  to the university, But  if you want the documents to be sent for evaluation, then Individual mark sheets and Degree certificate should be in two different envelopes.

Why study certificate or Bonafide certificate is required?

The Study certificates is issued as a proof that an individual is studying the course in that particular education institute or organization. In case of a Bonafide certificate in a school, it is basically used to certify that a student is studying in the school. These certify the student's name, admission no, the class or course in which the student is studying at present. It also sometimes includes the date of birth of the student as specified in the school records.

I have still not received PDC but I have my course completion certificate, Can I go ahead.

The Course Completion certificate only stats that the course is completed, not the result of the exam. Whereas the PDC is the temporary degree certificate which is issued soon after the results of the final semester is announced, The PDC qualifies that you have passed the course, hence the PDC is required for further studies.

I don’t have liquid funds to arrange for bank certificate?

You can arrange for the bank certificate which can be shown in fixed deposit and Savings account.

What if the bank doesn’t update the total rupees in dollars?

It will be difficult for the Universities to calculate the total rupees into dollars, as the conversion date will not be specified; in fact almost all banks are ready to give the content as per the customer’s request, hence total amount in rupees and dollars, and what is the conversation rate taken can be included.

Can I show funds in current account?

No, university may not accept funds in current account.

My Bank issues maximum 3 copies, do I have any alternative?

Take a multiple color print of the bank certificate and get the original seal signature done on all the copies from the branch manager.

Can I show the funds in my own account?

Funds can be shown in sponsors account and some amount of funds can still be shown in student account, say up to 5 lakhs.

Can I show the funds in joint account (parents with student)?

No, it is not accepted by all the universities.

Is Solvent /Capability Certificate accepted?

No, it is not accepted by all the universities.

Below is the summary of the account types which are not accepted by all universities,

  1. Business Accounts.
  2. Chartered Accounts: are statements from accountants.
  3. Demat Accounts: are used for the trade of stocks, securities, and debentures.
  4. Foreign Exchange.
  5. Insurance Policies.
  6. Retirement Funds.
  7. Salary Statements.
  8. Solvency Certificate: is a summary of all assets including bank accounts, DE deposits, bonds, property, salary, etc.
  9. Stock Market Funds, including mutual funds, equity funds/accounts, and yield funds

What is the minimum amount of funds I can show while I apply?

Minimum 45,000$ and few universities are quite expensive and may ask you to show 50,000$ to 70,000$. It Varies from University to university.

Who can provide the bank certificate?

Parents and the relatives like Grandparents, Sister/brother and Aunt/Uncle)

What should a bank certificate contain?

It should be on the color letter head of the bank, with the Bank and branch details like Address, Contact no. Email id and IFSC code and this certificate should be issued with no condition.

Below details should contain bank certificate;

a. Name of the account holder
b. Address of the account holder
c. Account number
d. Total money in rupees
e. Total money in dollars
f. Conversation rate take
g. Purpose of the certificate
h. Branch manager Seal+Sign

Is online bank statement accepted?

No, it is not accepted.

What is a bank statement and bank certificate?

Bank statement: A printed record of the balance in a bank account and the amounts that have been remitted and credited.

Bank Certificate: A ​document ​signed by a ​bank ​official, ​stating how much ​money a person has in the ​bank on a particular ​date.

Can I show the funds in non- nationalized bank?

No, university may not accept from the non- nationalized bank.

Will the loan sanctioned letter suffice the bank certificate?

Yes, almost 90% of the universities accept Loan sanction letter.

What if my sponsor is from abroad?

For US I 314 is required. INA 213A

How to get a bank certificate?

You need to visit the respective branch and request to issue a bank certificate.

What are the documents required to suffice the bank certificate?

A Loan sanction letter would suffice.

Are term deposit, PPF, PF, mutual funds, Insurance and Demat fund accepted?

No, it is not accepted, because it cannot be immediately liquidated.

In how many accounts can I show the funds?

Up to 3 different account funds can be shown.

What is AOS?

An affidavit of support is a document on which an individual signs to accept financial responsibility for another person (usually  parents and relatives are the Sponsors for Students). The person who signs the affidavit of support becomes the sponsor of the relative (or other individual like Son/Daughter) coming to live in the United States.

What is the validity of Affidavit of Support?

Up to 6 months.

Should I get a separate AOS from both my parents?

Not necessary, An affidavit of support can contain both father’s and mother’s name.

Who can give AOS?

a. Parents
b. Spouse
c. Grand parents
d. Brother/sister

What is the Difference between bank certificate and AOS

AOS-An affidavit of support is a document an individual signs to accept financial responsibility for another person.
Bank certificate-A ​document ​signed by a ​bank ​official, ​stating how much ​money a person has in the ​bank on a particular ​date.

Who issues AOS and should it be notarized?

Sponsors will issue AOS and it should be notarized.

Is it required in a sealed envelope?

No, not necessary for a sealed envelope.

Is an Indian AOS accepted?

Yes it is accepted.

Can my friends sponsor?

No , only relations.

Is the signature from my parents required on AOS?

Yes it is required, it is a Compulsory field.

My bank certificate is from a bank abroad , from where can I get an AOS done?

From the respective embassy you will have to get the AOS done.

Is it compulsory for a Rs.20/- Stamp paper-?

No, an E stamp paper is also accepted.

What are the supporting docs required if my company is sponsoring?

a) Bank certificate from the company’s account.
b) Affidavit of support on the stamp paper.
c) A letter from the concern person, on the company’s letter head, stating that he would sponsor you.

What is LOR?

Letters of Recommendation form one of the most important aspects of your profile, they are references that give a background of your achievements and the education you received.

Why LOR is required?

References give much of the information needed to help the universities to make a thoughtful, decision on the well-informed information on the LOR.

How many LOR are required?

Every University requires at least 2 Letters of recommendation, preferably from educational background. Some of the Universities require 3 LORs. It is advisable to have 2 LORs from professors and 1 from your manager or supervisor.( If you have work experience.)

Who should provide the LOR?

The person  who taught you in their academics like,  professor project guide, academic adviser and managers from work place.

My college doesn’t give LOR can I get all 3 LOR from work place?

No, LOR from college is compulsory and they are required documents.

Why visiting card is required from work place?

If the recommender is unable to give the LOR on the company letterhead then a visiting card of the concern person would suffice.

Why is LOR required in a sealed envelope?

It's a standard part of the application process, the school you are applying to wants to make sure that you haven't accessed/tampered with the letter, and that it remains confidential till it reaches the school.

My professor is not ready to give Hardcopy of LOR?

You may need to change the recommender, if the universities compulsorily ask for hard copy.

My professor is not ready for online LOR submission?

You may need to change the recommender, if the universities compulsorily ask for online LOR.

Is the letter head mandatory?

Yes, it should be on the college and company’s color letterhead.

Who all can recommend from college?

From professors who know you very well and those who have worked with you over a long duration of time (2-3 years). Preferably your project guide, academic adviser or your mentor. Higher the designation of the recommender more would be the value of your recommendation letter. If possible get a recommendation from the Head of your department.

Who all can recommend from work place?

Recommendation from your manager or higher employee could add good value to your profile.

Do EU countries requires LOR?

Yes, it’s one of the required documents.

Should I use college seal or departments seal on the LOR?

Both are accepted.

Can I get more than 3 LOR?

Yes you can.

What matter should the letter of recommendation contain?

The length of the recommendation letter must not be more than 250 to 300 words. Keep the letter concise and to the point. Make sure the following skills are highlighted in the letter:

1. Research interest and potential
2. Intelligence
3. Communication skills
4. Leadership skills
5. Ability to face challenging situations
6. Extra-curricular activities
7. Team player

Is the surname compulsory on the passport?

Universities  abroad would address the student with their Surname, and its recommended and advised that there is a First name and Surname updated in the passport.

My passport is going to expire in another 6 months time can I still apply?

Yes you may apply with the existing passport and renew it before you go to the visa interview and keep the change of passport updated to all the applied universities.

Before going for the visa, your passport should have at least 6 months validity.

There is a spell mistake in my first name can I go head apply to the universities?

It is advised to do the corrections before you initiate with the application process.

Address in my passport and current address is different, can I go ahead.

Yes, may go ahead, permanent address in passport and current address for correspondence should/will be updated in all application.

My photo is not clear in the passport, any alternative?

It can be updated.

I have no pages left in my passport?

Passport holders in need of additional space in their passports will need to renew their passports by email the form DS-82.  If you renew your passport from outside of the United States you will automatically be issued a larger 52-page book.

Should I give the copies of my old passport?

May not be required, existing passport copy would be sufficient for application process.

My DOB is incorrect, can I go head?

It is advised that you get the passport corrected, because all the application will be filled with the information in the passport.

I have lost my passport but I have a copy of the passport, Can I Apply?

It’s advisable to get the passport and then apply.

Should I need to attest the passport and if so from whom?

No, attestation is required for the passport.


The Statement of Purpose is the single most important part of your application that will tell the admissions committee who you are, what has influenced your career path so far, your professional interests and where you plan to go from here.

Does SOP need to be attested?

No, Self signature would be fine.

Can I give the same sop for all the universities that I apply?

No, each SOP would brief about the university and the program that you apply for and each university requirements differ.

No. of words for SOP?

It all depends on the university requirements… usually it is 800 words to 1200 words.

Do all universities require SOP?

Yes, they do require.

Should I mention the university name?

Yes, SOP should contain the university name and about the university.

What should the SOP contain?

    1. Explain what motivates you to pursue graduate study.
    2. A research statement.
    3. Explain why you're applying to this particular school.
    4. Convince the admissions committee that you're qualified.

Is a photograph required on resume?

It is not compulsory.

How many pages are required for a Resume?

A two-page resume may be the best.

Can I update universities name in CV?

Not required.

Should I sign the CV?

Yes, it should be signed by the student.

Any specification required for photograph?

Include a passport-sized head shot on your resume. This photo should be professional and make a proper first impression. Place your head-shot at the top of your resume, with your name and contact information.

Can I update the score details in the CV?

Yes, you can include.

What are the compulsory contents in resume?

    1. Heading
    2. Objective
    3. Education
    4. Experience | "Related experience" | "Other experience"
    5. Activities | Honors | Leadership
    6. Skills
    7. Certifications

Is it compulsory to send the 10+2 mark sheet-?

It’s not compulsory but recommended or advised to send all the academics documents.

Who can sign the School certificates both, 10+2?

Respective school principals are authorized or else the Principal of the bachelor’s college can still attest the documents.

Can I get it signed from any government official?

Universities are very particular with the attestation and in case you cannot get it signed from the school principals and college principals then the last option would be from the Govt. officials.

Is it compulsory to get my documents signed from the respective school principal?

Not compulsory but advised to get it from the authorized person.

After 10th I have done my 3 years diploma, who should sign on the Diploma certificate?

Diploma principal is authorized to attest the mark sheets and degree certificate.

I have lost my 10th mark sheet, Can I still apply?

You have to apply for the Duplicate mark sheet and then give the attested copy in a sealed envelope when you apply to the universities.

Can I get my 10+12 mark sheet signed in an open envelope?

No, certain documents are confidential where the university would expect them in a sealed envelope, then only the documents are considered official.

I have lost my 12th marks sheets can I apply with 11th marks sheet for my MS degree?

You have to apply for the Duplicate mark sheet and then give the attested copy in the sealed envelope to apply to the universities.

Why is a copy of experience certificate required?

It is required to certify that the student is experienced.

Is it compulsory?

Not compulsory but it all depends on the program and universities requirements.

When should I produce the copy of experience certificate?

It is required at the time of the application process.

Should the copy of Experience certificate be attested?

Yes,  it should be attested by the concern person on all the multiple photo copies.

I am still working in a company; I will only get the experience certificate after I resign my job, any alternative?

Bonafide certificate would suffice.

Can I get a bonafide certificate from the company instead of Experience certificate if I am still working?

Yes, you may arrange for it.

Can I give the copy of the offer letter instead of Experience certificate?

Offer letter will suffice, till you resign and get the experience letter.

I am working currently in the 3rd company, what are the documents required that are related to Work experience certificate?

The Previous 2 companies’ work experience certificates and the offer letter from the current company would be sufficient.

Should I give the salary certificate when I apply to the universities?

No, Not compulsory.

What does a Bonafide certificate consist of, from the work place?

a. It can be on the color letter head of the company
b. Concern person seal +Signature
c. Name of the employee
d. Date of joining
e. Current designation and Role

What is Portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of your best and most recent artwork that highlights your art experience. It is a visual achievement of your artistic accomplishments that demonstrates your ability and potential as an artist.

Why is portfolio required?

A portfolio of creative work is required for admission to the School of Architecture. This is a personal statement about you, your visual training, interest, and aspirations. Each portfolio is reviewed by an architecture admissions representative and is an important part of the way the school can learn more about you and your talents.

What does a portfolio consist of?

  1. a brief statement outlining your interest in the field of architecture
  2. 12-24 high-quality reproductions of your best and most recent art work
  3. Any cartoon work must be your original ideas, characters, etc, and not be derivative of another individual’s work.
  4. Art should demonstrate consideration of the background and composition. Avoid ‘floating’ figures or objects.
  5. Mechanical and architectural drawings are not necessary and, if included, should exemplify design and creativity, not just technological skills. They will be evaluated on their artistic merit and not on the manipulation of software.
  6. Keep in mind that good design incorporates presentation and proper editing.
  7. Work must be original, not clip art.
  8. Information about the medium used
  9. Whether project was done on your own or in class
  10. Original size
  11. A 1-2 sentence comment about the piece (If submitting two-dimensional computer-generated work - using Photoshop, Illustrator, etc - please include explanation of how you created the image and the software used.

Which programs require portfolio?

All the students who apply for Art, Architecture and Design program irrespective of bachelors or master program are required to prepare Portfolio.

When should a student provide the portfolio?

While initiating the application process portfolio is required.

How to submit portfolio?

You may submit your portfolio by mail, in-person, or online via Slide Room.

Portfolio Limit?

There is no page limit or piece limit for your portfolio.

Is there any Tips for Developing the Portfolio?

  1. Start early
  2. Challenge yourself
  3. Include Observational drawings
  4. Explore ideas in work

What is research proposal in general?

A research proposal is a document that provides a detailed description of the intended program. It is like an outline of the entire research process that gives a reader a summary of the information discussed in a project.

Why is it required?

The main purpose of a research proposal is to show that the problem you propose to investigate is significant enough to warrant the investigation, the method you plan to use is suitable and feasible, and the results are likely to prove fruitful and will make an original contribution. In short, what you are answering is 'will it work?'

  • It makes certain that you have a worthwhile research project - you have a good grasp of the relevant literature and the major issues, and that your methodology is sound;
  • It will show that you have the competence and work-plan to complete the research;
  • It includes sufficient information for us to evaluate the proposed study; and
  • We can be certain we have the right staff expertise to supervise you.

Which programs require Research proposal?

All the PhD candidates are compulsorily required to prepare Research proposal and few MS thesis programs will also ask for Research proposal and ultimately it depends on the universities too.

When should the student produce it?

Research proposal is required at the time of application process.

Is it compulsory?

Yes, it is the required document to process the application for the entire PhD students and few for MS Thesis based program too.

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