Assistanship Eligibility

Eligible for Assistantships depends on the merit of the students.

Courses Applicable:

Undergraduate (UG) level: It is relatively difficult to be awarded assistantships at the this level of study.
Graduate level:In the case of  Master's degree ,i.e,MS courses, an assistantship is the best way of funding one’s education. Most universities do not normally offer financial assistance for an MBA program , as Management students will eventually earn more and would be able to pay off their loans. However, there are a  few business schools that  may offer MBA scholarships based on merit. At the PhD level,all  students are  paid a stipend which should cover most of their living expenses. There is no fees for a PhD program.

Types of Assistantships:

Graduate Assistantships: These are specifically for graduate students who get  to work with the admissions office or other department offices in administrative jobs.

Teaching Assistantships (TA):

Students at the Master’s level get to help  professors teach undergraduate students. The job would involve taking tutorial classes, assisting while  conducting laboratory experiments, grading examination answer scripts, and helping the professor clear doubts that could arise in the minds of students. To secure such TA positions, one needs to possess considerably  good communication skills.

Research Assistantships (RA):

Research Assistants assist  professors in laboratory work and research projects. Students who get selected for RA usually need to show an aptitude for research and commendable analytical skills through projects and publications.
Tuition Waivers: The student who obtains a waiver need not pay  tuition fees at the University. However, general fees (for use of University facilities like the library, computers, and health services) will have to be paid.
There are also some project assistantships, sports or club assistantships that are University specific.

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