Letter of Recommendations

What is Letter of Recommendation?

A letter of recommendation, also known as a letter of reference, is a written document in which the writer assesses the qualities and capabilities of the person being recommended in terms of that individual's ability to perform a particular task .A letter of recommendation is typically related to employment (employment reference or job reference), admissions to abroad higher education, or scholarship eligibility. Recommendation letters are usually written being addressed to a particular requester (such as a new employer, university admissions officer, etc.), although they could also be issued to the person being recommended without specifying a particular addressee. The person providing a reference is called a referee.

An employment reference letter is usually written by a former employer or manager, however, references can also be requested from co-workers, customers or even vendors.Teachers and professors may also supply a letter of recommendation .This typically would apply in the case of recommendations for academic purposes

A typical reference letter can cover the following. How long the employer knows the employer.The employee's tasks and the responsibilities held. The duration of the employment. The position held relative to the author of the recommendation letter. The employee's expertise levels at the job that he held, his unique abilities, his vastness of knowledge, his creativity and a possible hint at his intelligence It can also include the employee's qualifications ,his social attitude and his ability to create rapport with his colleagues.

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