Summer Internships

Summer Internships

There are opportunities out there for everyone in every discipline. You may have to work a little harder or utilize the networks of a program provider. You could even find a fellowship better suits your goals.

You need to do your research on some of the big international organizations in your field.Chances are that you’ll find many of them that have an international internship or trainee opportunities. And if they don’t, maybe you should send them a proposal.

The Career Advancement Program in the US offers international university students and recent graduates the opportunity to become an Intern or Trainee with a U.S. business. These well structured work-based learning programs offer a unique chance for cultural immersion in the United States and professional development in the intern’s specific academic or occupational field.

GET [Global Education and Training] offers international students exciting short-term research and internship experiences in the United States through an on-line platform .GET provides participants with access to experiences that will give them hands-on training that will help them grow their portfolio. Experiences include an internship or even a research opportunity, J-1 visa sponsorship, accommodation and meals, professional development events and other cultural activities in the US.

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